Working at Surfe - what’s it like?

At Surfe we welcome good vibes and efficiency! This is why we’ve developed a pattern that allows our team to thrive and tick tasks off the list ✅

Our rituals

  • Team meetings every Monday - we start the week by gathering together to catch up with remote members and discuss upcoming plans and prioritize tasks.
  • Monthly Core Team Meetings - full-time employees have “secret” talks with the founders
  • Monthly Individual Meetings with the founders - catch up, give feedback, discuss all things Surfe and work experience
  • Quarterly Projects: Sometimes we will give task based on what you’re good at, otherwise you can also create your own project and the leader of the project
  • Regular Friday Team Lunches at La Felicità
  • Surfe Camp - fun and strategic team workshops that take place every 6 months

Working style

Surfe is based on three main principles:


Still a relatively small team, we believe in the power of collaboration. Every team member has different expertise and brings something to the table. We never hesitate to ask for help or advice and we work together on all projects that we undertake!

The concept of ownership allows us to divide projects among team members, who manage them autonomously - with full freedom and trust. But don’t worry, we always have your back!

Being a startup, we love to learn as we go and implement the craziest ideas! We often experiment to see what works best and aren’t afraid of trying new things - you never know what they have to offer!