Testing & QA challenge

Welcome to this Testing and QA Challenge! We will ask you to complete the following exercise as part of our interview process. It aims at assessing your proficiency with testing, and your attention to detail.

The goal of this exercise is to test a small note-taking web app, you can download it here:


The README file has details about the app, as well as how to run it locally.

You can submit this challenge as a private GitHub repository.

Exercise 1: List test cases

Based on the description of the app found in the README file and your initial usage of it, create an informal list of potential test cases for a specific feature of your choosing. For example:

The create new note feature:

  • The new note should be empty
  • The new note should be linked to the current session
  • The new note should not be created if no session

You are free to choose the file format for the list.

Exercise 2: Manual testing

Do some manual testing looking for bugs and create a GitHub issue with a report for each bug encountered.

  • The report should include all necessary information for a developer to understand and reproduce the bug: structure the reports in any way you think you can accomplish this best.
  • You can include media files in the report, if that is deemed helpful (images, videos).
  • You can include suggestions or proposals of how to fix the bug to the report.

We will value quality over quantity here: the emphasis is not on finding a lot of bugs, but on reporting them in a concise and clear way.

Exercise 3: Write tests

Write tests for a few of the test cases listed in exercise 1.

Puppeteer and/or Postman are preferred, but you can use any tool/framework you want. Include instructions about where to find and how to run the tests in the README file.