Marketing Intern Handbook

Marketing Intern Handbook

Welcome! The Surfe Marketing Intern Handbook is where you will find all information relevant for Surfe Marketing interns to better understand who we are, what we do, and how we do it.

This documentation is open to everyone in the team and in constant evolution. So please feel free to suggest improvements or ask questions.

šŸŒ What is Surfe?

Surfe is the nĀ°1 tool salespeople need to use on LinkedIn for their sales activities. It lets them connect your CRM (Salesforce, Hubspot, Pipedrive or Copper) to LinkedIn through a simple browser extension. Surfe makes it easy to create and enrich contacts, update their status and synchronize LinkedIn conversations - directly from a prospect's LinkedIn profile to the CRM in 1-click. No need to waste time on manual data entry. With Surfe, salespeople are 4x faster when sourcing and save a minimum of 60 minutes of boring tasks per day.

šŸ‘“ Product Vision

  • Be the go-to solution for doing sales on LinkedIn
  • Design a dead-simple UI / UX which can be used by any sales teams in the world
  • Set the standard for simple, safe and healthy prospecting on LinkedIn
  • Not an automation tool, save time when doing customized outreach and curated profiling
  • No human explanation needed for understanding & using the product
  • Connecting the dots to build powerful end-to-end integrations
  • Embedded intelligence to eliminate manual tasks and provide additional sales insights

šŸ§¬ Our DNA

  • Keep it simple
  • Continuous Learning
  • Constant Improvement
  • Entrepreneurial spirit
  • Genuine
  • Integrity


šŸ… Missions

As a Marketing intern, your mission is the following:

  • Re-define target personas and conduct customer data analysis/user research
  • Create Marketing content (blog articles, social media posts, ad videos, etc)
  • Build-up acquisition funnels and distribution channels
  • Create content for webinars, coffee-chats, (video-) podcasts, (video-) case studies
  • Research Marketing related topics on your own, and be pro-active

šŸ’¬ Working with the Team

Our Team has been remote from day-1. To keep the communication open and create synergies with the team and allow the teammates to report on their progress, we have put in place the following events:

šŸ• Weekly goal & achievement meeting every Monday

As a marketing intern, your relation with the rest of the team is outlined below.

With the Founders

You work alongside the CEO (David), and will have regular meetings with him to touch on:

  1. Progress and potential obstacles
  2. Task prioritization and time estimation
  3. Help needed and questions to ask

With the Marketing team

You'll be part of the Marketing team, working on your mission. @Laura Patricia and @Maged Talaat will guide you through your initial onboarding, and can help with parts of your mission requiring in-depth knowledge of Surfe inner working, and existing tools.

With the Product team

Part of your mission can involve working with the Product team. For instance:

  1. You need access to customer/product data for your research analysis
  2. You have feedback from the field (customer requests, suggestions, ...) and want to push the idea for the next releases
  3. You need more information about how a Surfe feature works, or what features are planned on the roadmap
  4. You have any personal suggestions about the Surfe product


šŸ¢ Living in Station F

Since April 2021, Surfe has its office in the HEC Incubator in Station F. This is a unique opportunity for us, as it brings the confort of being all in one place, at the very core of the parisian startup scene, while accessing useful and "free" resources, in the form of coaching (Office Hours).

On-boarding & Desk

The on-boarding procedure is handled with Romain, CTO, and with the Station F staff. Declare when you wish to come, select an onboarding time to receive your badge (and take a welcome photo!).

As a Station F resident, you can have access to Flatmates, Station F's housing program, for a cheap housing solution in Paris, not far away from the office.

If you wish to come and work in person at Station F, we can book a seat for you. You can then access Station F 24h/7.

Office Hours

We're all here to learn. Thanks to the HEC program, we can have access to high quality 1-to-1 coaching sessions on a variety of subjects. Feel free to book some time with experts who you think can bring you valuable knowledge here:

Better see with the rest of the team before booking, so you can be more than one listening during the Office Hours.

šŸ° Benefits

As an intern, you can benefit from the following:

  • 50% refund of your transportation pass (if you come to Station F)
  • 4ā‚¬ per lunch every day of the week

Days off & holidays are defined in your "Convention de Stage".


šŸ—ļø Marketing Stack


Surfe uses multiple tools:

  • Hootsuite for social media posting and tracking
  • LinkedHelper 2.0 for LinkedIn outreach automation
  • Blockspring and Dropcontact for data enrichment
  • Apollo for email outreach campaigns
  • Ahref for SEO
  • Surfe for keeping track of prospects on our CRM
  • Sales Navigator and Apollo for targeting
  • Crisp for customer support chat on our website
  • Figma for creative designs
  • Pitch for presentations

ā„¹ļø Where to ask for help?

The team and founders are reachable on Slack.

Prefer direct messages to target the person you want.

You can also jump in a quick meeting if needed (see shared agenda for availabilities).

šŸ”— Useful Resources

Surfe website:

Surfe extension Web Store page:

Reading List


šŸ“ Initial Setup

  1. Make sure you have received an invitation to all following services that we rely on
  2. Slack: where all our team communication take place
    Notion: where we create & organize all out knowledge and roadmap
    Gsuite: Emails, docs, sheets, slides & drive
  3. Create test accounts for every CRM we support (Hubspot, Pipedrive, Copper, Salesforce)
    • We do that for you ;)
  4. Access founder's shared calendars
  5. Bookmark important pages
  6. Understand the task assigned to you
  7. Do an initial meeting with the CEO, ask questions
  8. Meet the team & your peers (informal)
  9. Initial Training
  10. Start your first mission šŸš€