Kelly is a former award-winning advertiser, turned designer. After graduating from AUTh in Thessaloniki, she returned to Paris in 2014 to undertake two internship programs at Sorbonne and Institut Français de la Mode. Later that year, she moved to London to continue her postgraduate studies in Marketing at Queen Mary, UoL.

She gained broad experience by working across different industries - debuting in fashion at Urban Outfitters and serving in film music at Notting Hill Orchestra before joining advertising agency BBDO. She is a self-taught designer, operating her own freelance practice since 2015 and specializing in UX/UI, product design, and art direction.

In her free time she loves to swim, find new hobbies (currently busy with pottery & calligraphy), and plan the next trip. An absolute fan of the 80s, 90s music, she cannot say no to a karaoke party or a disco night.