Account Executive Sales Simulation
Account Executive Sales Simulation

Account Executive Sales Simulation

Welcome to this Account Executive Sales Simulation! Congratulations for passing the first interview! We will conduct during this phase a series of Role-plays to understand how you would tackle a potential sales call.

You can download Surfe for free & connect it to a CRM of your choice.

Second Interview Agenda

The second interview will help us learn more about your sales acumen, your way of presenting, and how you would apply these during a sales call. It will last 1 hour and will be conducted as follows:

  1. Intro - We want to get to know each other before anything else.
  2. Follow-up questions (15 min) - After your first interview, we have some remaining aspects we’d like to cover to get to know you as a person better.
  3. Role-plays (30 min) - Live exercises, we will simulate one or multiple calling exercises where you will showcase your understanding of the situation and take the best possible course of action. See below information about the first scenario:
    1. Account information in your CRM:
      1. Company: Qonto
      2. Size: 1 700 FTE
      3. Industry: FinTech
      4. Main contact point: Director of Sales Emil
      5. Team size: approx 100 BDRs & 100 AEs indicated on LinkedIn
    2. Current situation:
      1. During an event last month, you talked to a few of Qonto’s BDRs and convinced them to try Surfe. You are trying to get their higher-up Emil to chat.
      2. According to our system, 7 BDRs have already tried the product.
      3. Their trial is ending in 4 days.
  4. Self-reflect feedback - Between each role-play, you will let us know what you think you could have done differently and why.
  5. Sales Questions (15 min) - We will ask a few Sales-related questions to understand your general sales knowledge.
  6. Wrap up - It’s a wrap!

You will now find below more information that will help you prepare your calls.

About Surfe

Surfe is a sales platform designed to help sales people become more efficient, effective and remove many of the repetitive admin tasks that are inherent in their role. Surfe is currently at €2.9m in ARR and we need to grow to €4.5m by the end of 2024 (6 months from now).

Our demo video: Faq page (contains objections): Example of case studies:

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